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2-Year Electronics Standard Service Plan

sku: 10109873


2-Year Electronics Standard Service Plan

Electronic Services
You can take your damaged electronics into a store location or mail to us for repair. To ship for repair your electronics item(s) must be under 25 Lbs. Domestic and International shipping rates will only be refunded on defective electronics.

Accidental Damage
Water spills, dropping and other accidents happen. Now you don't have to worry about ruining your electronics product. It's covered. If we can't fix it we will send you a refurbished or new model.

Battery Replacement
If your battery stops working you will get a one-time, free battery replacement by stopping in a store or via mail. You will be responsible for shipping.

Power Surges
Storms happen. We will repair or replace products if damaged by a power surge or fluctuation.

Electronics products need to be maintained even if they are not being used all the time. Take your product into one of our stores and we will be happy to give it a good cleaning.